Men rescue pitbull from frozen lake

Men Rescue Pitbull From Frozen Lake
Men Rescue Pitbull From Frozen Lake

Some people are calling a pitbull named Duke the luckiest dog in Trenton, New Jersey.

'A pitbull stranded in the middle of the icy Delaware River rescued by two Good Samaritans after firefighters said it was too dangerous,' 'Fox & Friends' reports.

Duke had been missing for days when passersby in the neighborhood spotted the dog out on the icy river and called the fire department. Firefighters said the ice was not thick enough to walk on.

That's when a man named Russ Miller and another community member decided to make the trek to save the dog. The men had a kayak in tow just in case they fell through. But as Russ told KYW-TV, getting Duke off the ice wasn't easy.

'[He] definitely didn't come willingly. He didn't want to get in the kayak so we had to tie him down.'

After a checkup from the local animal shelter, Duke made it back home safely. As for Russ - he's remaining modest.

'That's cool, that's great, that's an unbelievable thing, but there's a lot more heroes than I am. That's for sure.'