Florida man lives to share several near-death experiences

Florida Man Lives to Share Several Near-Death Experiences
Florida Man Lives to Share Several Near-Death Experiences

Think you have bad luck? Then you haven't met Erik Norrie.

Erik Norrie has recovered from a shark bite that took place July 29 while he was with his family in the Bahamas, WPBF reports.

But that shark attack is hardly the only time his life has flashed before his eyes.

Norrie has survived monkey attacks, a rattlesnake bite, two lightning strikes.

'Pretty hairy situation, nearly lost my life,' Norrie said. "I thought I was going to lose my leg, but thankfully because of Trinity Air here in Fort Lauderdale, they were able to rescue me and get me to help in Miami quickly.'

Norrie doesn't know why 'crazy things' happen to him, but he seems to be a magnet.

'He does a little bit of world traveling and gets himself into some jams on occasion, but, you know, he's come out happy, so that's the main thing,' his dad, Jack Norrie said.

Norrie isn't sure what his next adventure is, but he's sure it'll leave him with a story to tell. Here's hoping it's something a lot less painful.