Slightly awkward moments on Grammys red carpet

The Most Awkward Grammys Red Carpet Moments
The Most Awkward Grammys Red Carpet Moments

From superstars to super awkward, things on the Grammys red carpet took some odd turns. First, Giuliana Rancic got weirdly flirty with 17-year-old Austin Mahone.

'You look great. I saw you in the countdown show -- did you see me yelling at you like I was 16?,' she said. After that, 'I'll see you on your birthday' was just icing on top of the creepy cake. (Check out more of the interview right here.)

Paris Hilton stopped by next ... with Birdman ... and no one knew why.

There were lot of 'WTFs' on Twitter, though CNN reminded us she is signed to Cash Money records. In case you forgot: Paris Hilton is a musician.

Next, Wiz Khalifa told us how he performs best, and Buzzfeed just had to make a Vine. When asked 'what is the secret to making you perform at your best?,' he replied 'staying highly medicated.'

That's just honest.

Let's end on Giuliana and that moment when she told Kevin Hart he had 'beautiful skin.' That comment would have been fine -- until she began to stroke his face.

Yeah, viewers really considered that an 'oh my God, please stop' kinda moment.