Volcano in Hawaii erupts into sky

Volcano In Hawaii Erupts Into Sky
Volcano In Hawaii Erupts Into Sky

A volcano on Hawaii Island, sometimes called the 'Big Island,' is putting on quite the show. 'Fox and Friends' has the explosive video.

According to 'Fox & Friends,' the video shows lava spewing out of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, rising up to 32 feet.

Considered one of the most active volcanoes in the word, the Kilauea volcano bubbles regularly, but as CBS reports it hasn't erupted since March of 2008.

The current eruption is spewing from a lava lake near the the volcano's summit. According to HLN's 'Morning Express,' geologists say this recent activity is from a gas buildup.

2.6 million people visit the volcano each year, but right now - it is best observed from far, far away. A geologist told The Huffington Post it's just too dangerous to get close.

'The immediate area around this lava lake, including the air space above it,' USGS geologist Janet Babb explained, 'is closed to the public due to ongoing hazards (high levels of sulfur dioxide gas, explosions).'

Kilauea has been shooting lava and ash into the sky for weeks now but is expected to simmer down in the next couple of days.