Top 3 unexpected animal surprises of the week

Top 3 Animal Surprises Of The Week
Top 3 Animal Surprises Of The Week

Our No. 3 spot goes to a bear who stumbled upon a California residence and shocked an elderly couple visiting from Scotland.

'Bob and Irene McKeown were visiting relatives in Pasadena, California and didn't seem to notice there was a bear standing just a few feet away.'

Irene made it safely to the car, but Bob noticed the bear and ran back to the house.

'I felt something brush against my leg,' Bob said. 'I thought I left the dog in the house, so it shouldn't be here. Once I shut the door, I turned around and I shout "it's a bear, it's a bear!'

Luckily, the bear only slightly scratched Bob, who made it safely inside. Now, the couple has quite the story to bring back overseas.

Our No. 2 spot goes to this pod of about 12 dolphins who crashed a surfing competition and stole the show.

'That's a pod of dolphins surfing right along with the competitors,' WOLO reported. 'This tandem ride drew in a big applause from the crowd. What a beautiful sight. Very cool!'

The dolphins made their cameo at the 2014 Rincon Classic surfing competition, and we give their ride a perfect 10.

And in our No. 1 spot, we have the cutest animal surprise of the week. Meet Sherlock the dog and his owner. Staff Sergeant Tyler Bigler came home after being deployed and quickly realized that his pooch really, really missed him.

Sherlock hadn't seen Bigler - who was returning from deployment in Southeast Asia - in six months.