Scottish couple never coming back to America

Bear Shocks Elderly Couple Visiting California
Bear Shocks Elderly Couple Visiting California

A couple visiting the US from Scotland is going to head home with a very crazy story to share.

In this incredible surveillance video, Bob and Irene McKeowns are seen calmly locking the door of their relative's Pasadena home while a bear lurks beside them. The camera then shows the obliviously couple walking out of the frame, likely towards their car, and the bear following right behind them.

Seconds later, Irene was getting into their car when Bob felt the bear rubbing up against his leg, at which point he ran back inside the house while Irene waited safely inside the locked vehicle.

Bob recaps the event to KABC: 'I felt something brush against my leg. I says, I left the dog in the house, shouldn't be here. So once I closed the door, I turned around and shouted 'It's a bear! It's a bear!'

Bob was able to get his bearings and get inside with just a small nick on his leg from a 'little bear swipe.'