Proposal caught on cop's dash cam

WATCH: Proposal Caught On Cop Dash Cam
WATCH: Proposal Caught On Cop Dash Cam

A woman thought her boyfriend was getting arrested during a routine traffic stop in New London, New Hampshire, but it was all just a set-up.

One of the officers pretended he was taking Matt into custody while girlfriend Samantha watched in shock.

The officer pulled out a box that held -- to Samantha's surprise -- a ring! Matt got down on one knee and proposed to Samantha while the police car's dash cam recorded the whole thing.

The groom-to-be says the couple met at a police station during their freshman year in college after a party they attended was busted.

Matt said he 'figured since we kind of met in prison it would be kind of appropriate to do it that way.' 'It's not as bad as it sounds,' Samantha laughed.

As for the not-so-routine traffic stop, Samantha says that celebrating with her friends and family, who were waiting nearby, made it worth it in the end.

'I went from being the most terrified I've ever been to probably the most ecstatic,' Samantha said.

The couple was in town for a class reunion. They say they're trying to pay off student loans before ringing any wedding bells.