Miniature Train Nearly Flips Car After Collision

WATCH: Miniature Train Nearly Flips Car After Collision
WATCH: Miniature Train Nearly Flips Car After Collision

A tiny train caused a big mess when it collided with a car at Hermann Park in Houston, Texas this past Sunday. According to "Fox and Friends," the car was parked on the tracks and was hit so hard it almost flipped over.

KHOU reports that the car was a Honda Accord.

"Ian Dominguez shot this video while riding the train," KHOU explained. "The Austin High School student says he's always shooting video wherever he goes and in this case, it pays off. Thankfully, no one was hurt."

Photos of the wreck got noticed too -- especially on Twitter. One user posted a photo from a different angle but had no other details about the collision.

Although there were no injuries, some children were reportedly shaken up by the incident.

"As you can see, two tires wedged up against the curb, the other two tires in the air," Right This Minute reported. "It looks like someone was in the driver's seat of the car, why didn't the car move as it saw the train coming?"

That's a good question - the reason the car was on the tracks is still under investigation. The attraction, which has been around since 1957, was reportedly up and running the next day.