Four things your hairdresser won't tell you

Four Things Your Hairdresser Won't Tell You
Four Things Your Hairdresser Won't Tell You

Quentin Fotrell lists four things your salon might not tell you when you get in the chair.

1. Your haircut is 'recession-proof.'
While many other industries were flailing, salons added 75,000 jobs between 2000-2011. Plus, cosmetology jobs will increase by an estimated 13% by 2020.

2. 'We screwed up'
Hairdressers are very good at reading people, and they know all about poker face. When they make a bad cut, many hairdressers told Fortrell that they try to fix it without making a fuss. They have many ways of covering up mistakes without you knowing it ... like offering to give you a 'backwash.' In a few days, you'll probably be back to your old look anyway, so and may never notice a flub.

3.Hair products are the moneymaker
Over the next five years, hair products are expected to rise $12 billion in sales. That's a 12% rise over the next five years according to one research group. They have a profit margin of about 6%, so be sure to look at the products that are recommended and buy them at a more reasonable price on Amazon or Costco.

4. A license doesn't always cut it
Just because your hairstylist has a cosmetology license doesn't mean he or she has an eye for style. Look at how many hours of practice your hairdresser needs depending on the state you live in. Often, stylists need a lot more practice than the 1,000 hours necessary to get a license.

Here's to endless good hair days!

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