Dog goes nuts when owner finally returns home

WATCH: Staff Sergeant Back From Deployment Reunites With Dog

We've always known dog is man's best friend, but a new video proves the two can't be separated.

According to 'Fox & Friends,' a dog named Sherlock could not contain his excitement when his best buddy, Staff Sergeant Tyler Bigler came home.

Bigler is part of the 606th Air Control Squadron, which returned from Southwest Asia January 15th.

This group of airmen is a self-contained support unit providing assistance to the military pilots flying overhead.

The video of Bigler greeting Sherlock for the first time in six months was uploaded to YouTube, and proves that the pooch did eventually calm down.

According to Bigler, the dog was thinking: 'where've you been? Mom's been dressing me up in costumes. She gives me treats and I like it.'

The Huffington Post says Bigler's wife, Melissa, wrote on Facebook that Sherlock didn't leave her husband's side once that first day he was back home. Awwwww.

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