AOL trends on Twitter

Having email problems today? You are not alone! Still, so many Twitter users were singing the praises of their AOL Mail accounts (or hunting down their old AOL passwords) that AOL was trending on Twitter today!

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AOL trending on Twitter
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AOL trends on Twitter
This is why I still roll with an AOL account
my @AOL email isnt looking too 'bogus' now, is it??? (except on my resume) cc: @LaurenGreenberg ps: a/s/l
@jsullivanmusic So I still use @aol 2 ain't nothing funny bout dat! We still fly u betta know it! No trend followers here @jsullivanmusic
#gmail. Nooaaa! Hotmail losers are laughing at the rest of us. You know you're scrambling for your AOL password.
FYI: my AOL mail is working just fine, guys.
Gmail was down today? I wouldn't know. AOL was working just fine.
My mom sticking with her AOL email from a decade ago is paying off right now.
My aol is doing fine
Gmail is down! Ha! You laughed at us! You taunted us! You walked over us! But AOL always triumphs! :P
#Gmail might be having problems, but my #AOL and #JUNO accounts are working smooth!
Pretty sure I never deactivated my 1990s AOL account. For rest of weekend, reach me at #AllStar
And people still snicker at me when they hear i still have AOL....whos laughing now? #gmailfail #aolforlife
I'm going to have my AOL email for life.
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