Study: Women gain weight while in relationships

Study: Women Gain Weight While In Relationships
Study: Women Gain Weight While In Relationships

According to 'Fox & Friends,' 'a new study shows that 43 percent of women gain seven pounds in the first year of a new relationship. Women tend to eat more when they're happy, which leads to the weight gain.'

But for men, relationships lead to opposite results, with 39% reporting a 4-lb. loss in that first year.

According to KOVR, 'men ... tend to lose weight when they have a new girlfriend, with 39% shedding four pounds. The majority of women say they were the thinnest when they were single, but also, less happy.'

Of all men polled, 45% told researchers their weight loss stemmed from their partner's approach to healthier eating and 30 percent said their other half actually put them on a diet.

An online pharmacy in Great Britain conducted the study, and Daily Mail reports that a spokesperson for the company had a message for women in relationships:

'As long as you're a healthy weight though, this shouldn't be anything to worry about -- happiness can give you a health boost, and is probably more important than squeezing in your jeans.'

Amen to that.