Woman opens up to magazine about killer parents

Woman Opens Up To People Magazine About Killer Parents
Woman Opens Up To People Magazine About Killer Parents

Back in September, a Missouri woman named Erica Hayes was shocked when, within the same month, both her mother and stepfather were charged with killing their former spouses.

'Good Morning America' has the story of how Hayes has now opened up to People magazine and recalled the day her stepfather, Gerald confided in her that he was a murderer.

'She said he asked her 'what difference would it make if you knew?' And she said if she knew it would give her peace.'

Hayes told People Magazine she sees the entire scenario as quote 'a warped love story.'

So, what happened? KSPR reports both murders took place more than 30 years ago.

In 1974, Alice Uden was married to Ronald Holtz, and prosecutors say she killed him while he was sleeping. Authorities believe she then dumped his body in a Wyoming mine. His remains were discovered in August 2013. She has pleaded not guilty, claiming her husband was abusive, and is awaiting trial.

While investigating Alice, police decided to bring her husband Gerald in for questioning. His ex-wife Virginia and his two stepsons had gone missing in 1980, and their bodies had never been found.

According to CNN, 71-year-old Gerald Uden was charged with killing all three, despite the fact their bodies still have not been recovered. According to court documents, Gerald confessed he shot them with a rifle Virginia had bought to use while bird hunting.

After being extradited back to Wyoming, Gerald pleaded guilty in November.

His reason for killing? County 10 says Gerald told the judge Virginia was getting in the way of his new relationship. He will now spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Hayes' full interview in People will be on newsstands Friday, Jan. 24th.