Smallest baby ever born in Northern California goes home

One Of The Smallest Babies Ever Born, Finally Going Home
One Of The Smallest Babies Ever Born, Finally Going Home

A precious life, born at just 25 weeks old.

That's why parents Felisha Brown and David Jackson named their daughter Amiracle Myblessing Faith Jackson, FOX40 reports. She's the smallest baby ever born in Northern California.

Her handprint was only the size of an adult's thumbnail. She was the length of a ball-point pen.

It's truly a miracle that Amiracle, weighing at just 10.5r ounces, survived.

It was eight months ago that Brown gave birth way too early. 'I was laying there, sleeping. My water just broke. Once we got to the hospital, they were like, 'O.K. You're gonna be here for the next 10 weeks,'' Brown said.

The months that followed were filled with lots of prayers. 'It was worth it. Prayer works,' she added.

Amiracle was supposed to come home Tuesday night. The bassinet was all set, clothes and blankets folded neatly.

Did one more night seem like a big deal to the family? 'It broke my heart. My heart was broke. I cried,' Jackson said. 'I've had a lot of sleepless nights. So, I guess one more won't kill me.'

Jackson said the hospital didn't get the oxygen and feeding pump in place on time for their homecoming. Amiracle's older sisters, ages 4 and 7, have big plans for the homecoming.

'We're gonna play with her. And make sure she takes a good bath. And have fun!'