Olympian asks family to stay in the US

Speed Skater Tucker Fredricks Asks Family To Stay In U.S. For Olympics
Speed Skater Tucker Fredricks Asks Family To Stay In U.S. For Olympics

Olympic speed skater Tucker Fredricks, 29, has asked his family to stay behind when he competes in the Sochi Olympics next month.

Though Fredricks' family has gone to the Olympics with him before, he's requested that his wife and parents stay home because he doesn't want to worry about their safety.

'Good Morning America' spoke with Fredricks' parents, Dan and Shawn, who said they wanted to go and support their son -- but they totally understand his concern.

'He wanted us to stay home, so that he wouldn't have to worry about us. One less thing to be concerned about,' they said. Since they've been supporting Tucker's skating career since he was 11, it's hard to miss out on any event. 'It was kinda bittersweet,' they told 'GMA.'

The Olympian isn't the only one concerned. The US and Russia have been conducting security talks for months.

Concerns heightened over the weekend, when a threatening video surfaced online. As CNN reports, the video features two young men believed to be suicide bombers. They're heard making direct threats on the Olympic Games. This follows bombings last month in the city of Volgograd.

Russian officials have acknowledged the threat, but have continued to say the Olympic security team is prepared.

Either way, Fredricks' family will be staying home this time around. They watched him in both the 2006 and 2010 games. The Olympics in Sochi kick off February 7th.