Look-alike college students realize they're related

College Freshman Become Friends, Find Out They're Sisters
College Freshman Become Friends, Find Out They're Sisters

College is a great time to find new friends, but two freshmen at Tulane University in Louisiana who became friends, found out they were actually family.

Mikayla Stern-Ellis, 19, and Emily Nappi, 18, first met while searching for potential roommates on Facebook. The two didn't end up rooming together, but they stayed in touch and became close friends when school started.

An online survey showed they had a lot in common - but it wasn't until months later that they realized they shared more than just a few interests.

Both girls are from California and look eerily similar. They quickly found out they were conceived by an anonymous Colombian donor, but didn't think much of it.

The Tulane Hullabalooreports it wasn't until Mikayla went home for Winter break that her mother asked what her new friend's donor number was because she didn't remember many other Colombian donors at the time she was conceived. It turned out to be a match! Their families were shocked!

The girls have said they are thankful for having found each other so unexpectedly and it's made their college experience even better.

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