Family sets house on fire while cleaning TP mess

Family Sets House On Fire While Cleaning Toilet Paper Mess
Family Sets House On Fire While Cleaning Toilet Paper Mess

An Alabama family was cleaning up the mess after their house was toilet papered. Unfortunately, the cleanup turned disastrous. HLN reports that 'the homeowner says somebody TP'd their house on Saturday. They couldn't reach all the toilet paper to get it down, so she decided they would burn it off. It sparked a huge fire. It burned for four hours.'

It all started when Cheryl Crausewell and her son tried to burn a piece of toilet paper in a tree.

When the wind blew the burning piece, it set the family's grass on fire.

The blaze soon grew out of control when the grass fire moved to the family's house. Crausewell says she and her son tried containing the fire, but it was just too much.

Crausewell told WVTM she's just glad everyone made it out OK.

'We just keep knowing that we're all safe. You know, my mother lived with us. She's 84. She got out safely. My aunt lives next door in this apartment, and she's 87, and she got out safely. So, we're all safe and that really is the main thing,' Crausewell said.

HLN reports the family has homeowner's insurance and plans to rebuild.