Aaron Eckhart's radical 'I, Frankenstein' diet and training regimen

AaronEckhart Radical
AaronEckhart Radical

Actor Aaron Eckhart got serious about shaping up for his role in the film 'I, Frankenstein,' which takes a whole new approach to the classic character.

Eckhart plays a modern day approach to the monster – and this one is anything but the lumbering, unsteady type you've seen in the classic horror film's past. Instead, he's a lean machine with washboard abs and a skill for intensely acrobatic fight scenes. As a result, Eckhart worked out up to five hours a day for six months. On top of that, a diet that might make you hungry just hearing about it.

'What did you eat every day?' asked AOL.com's Brian Balthazar.

'Maybe apples with little peanut butter on it or something like that,' said Eckhart. 'I always had my assistant cut up little chicken for me with ketchup and toothpicks.'

But oddly enough, the meal is one that Eckhart is more than familiar with.

'I eat apples and peanut butter every day. I have not changed my diet,' he says.

'The thing about acting is that you don't want to ever weigh yourself down. It's better to be on the hungrier side when you are acting because you want all the blood and the brain to be accessible. You don't want it to be in your stomach. It slows you down and it slows your mind down. I like to be hungry and like an animal.'

One look at the film trailer, and its clear that Eckhart shows no sign of slowing down.

'I, Frankenstein' opens in theaters January 24th.

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