NFL offers glimpse at Super Bowl XLVIII tickets


One day after Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks advanced to Super Bowl XLVIII by winning their respective conference title games, the NFL offered fans a glimpse of what tickets for the big game look like.

Brian McCarthy, a public relations representative for the NFL, tweeted a photo that provided a peek at the tickets, but a strategically placed thumb from the hand holding the tickets raised a few questions -- namely, what is the actual face value of the 300 level seats? As you can see, a thumb appears to be obscuring the ticket's price. Is it $100? Or a lot more?

A lot more. In an email to, McCarthy said the face value of the tickets in the photo he posted on Twitter are $1,000. 'I was covering up some of the elements of the ticket [so] as to not tip off people who would look to create counterfeit tickets,' McCarthy explained.

He also added that the NFL doubled the number of winners in the fan lottery to 1,000, from 500 for Super Bowl XLVII. There were 30,000 fan entries. And he pointed out that 40 percent of Super Bowl tickets this year have face values below $1,000. Ticket pricing breaks down like this: $500, $800, $1,000, $1,200, $1,500, and the most expensive seats at MetLife Stadium are the club box seats, which go for $2,500 at face value.

Tickets on secondary markets right now are priced way higher than that. As of Tuesday morning, the cheapest Super Bowl tickets listed on StubHub are described as 'Upper End Zone' and priced at $2,297.

The sneak peek at the Super Bowl tickets is not the first glimpse of the game day details. On January 15, MetLife Stadium tweeted a photo of the NFL shield logo painted at the 50-yardline.