How to protect your home from cold weather

5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Cold Weather
5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Cold Weather

Sure, you're all bundled up ... but is your house ready to weather these frigid temperatures?

To prevent your pipes from freezing, keep a fan or furnace running near exposed pipes. If your main waterline pipe is behind a wall, leave your water running slightly. Turn on the faucet in your kitchen sink and let it drip a little bit, because that sink is likely next to a window and an outside wall. While you're at it, open the cabinets beneath the sink to let in the warm, heated air of your home.

Don't forget to go outside and make sure your hose is disconnected from your outside faucet. It'll be unpleasant, but it's be worth it. A plumber that FOX59 spoke with said that many people forget this part of home maintenance, and it can cause a huge mess later. A flooded basement could do $10,000-$75,000 worth of damage when all is said and done.

He also noted that many people are complaining of leaking pipes coming from a water heater, which happens when cold water comes into your home and makes pipes expand and contract.

Oh, and don't forget about your car! It's unsafe to let your gas tank dip below a quarter of a tank.

Though the video (and professionals) don't make any mention of hot chocolate, we heartily endorse getting yourself a nice, steaming cup after all that work.

Have any other tried-and-true cold weather tips? Share 'em with us in the comments!

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