Artist's box of 'money' isn't what it seems

Artist's Money Sculpture Looks Better Than Counterfeit
Artist's Money Sculpture Looks Better Than Counterfeit

This old box seems to be bursting with cash, but it's not what you might think. Here's Good Morning America.

Artist Randall Rosenthal created the sculpture appropriately titled 'Cold Hard Cash' back in 2011, but it just went viral on Reddit. One user joked:

'If his house ever gets broken into, that's going to be one disappointed burglar.'

Although a burglar would be disappointed, art fans are bound to be impressed by Rosenthal's process.

After taping together three blocks of white pine to make a solid block, Rosenthal began carving the box to make it look like cardboard before finally painting the sculpture. You can see it for yourself on his website

Rosenthal told The Huffington Post the project took a total of three months to complete.

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