'Antiques Roadshow': Necklace worth whopping $100,000

'Antiques Roadshow': Once-Lost Necklace Worth Shocking $100,000
'Antiques Roadshow': Once-Lost Necklace Worth Shocking $100,000

'Antiques Roadshow' was back in Boise, Idaho, where a woman brought in a necklace she had inherited from her mother.

Her mother had actually inherited the necklace from a friend who passed away, and they knew very little about it. The woman's mother found the necklace about 15 years ago, but had no idea exactly how long she had had it.

Appraiser Peter J. Shemonsky said he would 'date the piece about 1918, 1920. The piece is made of platinum, it's set throughout with diamonds, both round diamonds and baguettes. But the real star of this piece is this stone right in the center. This red stone.'

That would, of course, be a ruby -- specifically an unheated, three carat Burmese ruby, something the appraiser said was very rare in the colored gemstone market. There's a huge demand for Burmese rubies, so the necklace was valued between $80,000 and $100,000. The woman was speechless.

Tweeters couldn't believe the value -- one saying the stunning piece looked like something out of 'Downton Abbey.'

Or perhaps it's something fit for a queen? Queen Elizabeth's tiara is actually made out of the same precious stones.

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