Top 3 misbehaving animals of the week

Top 3 Misbehaving Animals Of The Week
Top 3 Misbehaving Animals Of The Week

The Internet went to the dogs this week. Missed the mouthy husky, the sneaky boxer or the chicken finger thief? We've rounded them all up in one quick clip.

Our No. 3 pick is a stubborn husky named Blaze. His owner tells him to go to his kennel several times, and Blaze makes it crystal clear that he'd really rather not by actually telling him "no."

The video of the 11-month-old husky was published to YouTube on the 5th of January and already has more than 4 million views, but has still been making headlines all week.

Our second pick of the week involves a naughty boxer named Kermit that was clearly very annoyed by his owner's alarm clock.

Hopefully Kermit's owner has moved that alarm clock so he can make it to work on time.

And our top misbehaving animal of the week? That title goes to a dog named Lucy. Why? Because she was caught stealing chicken nuggets in a very interesting way. What a smart - we mean naughty - dog.

Does your pooch rival these curious pups? Tell us in the comments below.