Parrot tells cops his owner is drunk driving

Parrot Tells Cops His Owner Is Drunk Driving
Parrot Tells Cops His Owner Is Drunk Driving

A man in Mexico found himself in very hot water after getting tattled on by his own pet!

Yes, 49-year-old Guillermo Reyes was busted for allegedly driving drunk thanks to his honest pet yelling out 'he's drunk, he's drunk' in Spanish.

According to El Universal, the squawk must have been pretty clear because the cops originally thought there was another person in the car. Then, they saw the cute green bird inside. Animal Surveillance Brigade was called to take the chatty parrot away, but Reyes was able to talk them out of it.

He told authorities he and his pet had never been separated and he feared it might die if they weren't together. So the two hung out in jail together.

Reyes was taken to El Torito's 'hangover prison,' where intoxicated drivers go to sleep off the booze and sober up, the NY Daily News reports.

Reyes must really regret teaching his parrot to say anything other than 'Polly wanna cracker?'