Officer fired for shooting at minivan speaks out

Officer Fired For Shooting At Minivan Speaks Out
Officer Fired For Shooting At Minivan Speaks Out

A New Mexico State Police officer is fighting to get his job back after he claims he unknowingly shot at a minivan full of children on October 28.

'My heart sank. I couldn't believe there was that many children in there. If I knew that there was even one child in that vehicle, I wouldn't have done it,' officer Elias Montoya said on 'Good Morning America.'

KRQE reports several New Mexico State Police officers responded after a woman became unruly over a speeding ticket. Dash camera footage caught the entire incident, and many people think the driver deserves a share of the blame. She is currently awaiting trial on charges of child abuse, fleeing police and misdemeanor drug possession of paraphernalia.

Montoya was fired for his actions because he violated the station's policy on use of deadly force. Montoya doesn't feel the incident should have cost him his job. 'I'm not shooting at a human being, I'm shooting at a tire,' he said.