Family's 4 children all have the same birthday

Family's 4 Children All Have The Same Birthday
Family's 4 Children All Have The Same Birthday

One set of parents has it really easy when it comes to remembering their children's birthdays.

'All four of their children just so happen to be born on January 12th,' 'GMA' reports. 'Five-year-old Sam started the trend, followed by his two-year-old sisters and baby Ryan came into the world last Sunday, January 12.'

Parents Emily Scrugham and Peter Dunn told England's News & Star they never planned to have their children born on the same day.

In fact, none of the four kids were even supposed to be born on January 12th. Sam was born two weeks late, twins Brooke and Nicole had to be delivered a month early because doctors couldn't find their heartbeats, and baby Ryan was three days late.

Daily Mail reports Emily has already decided how they're going to celebrate the quadruple birthday.

'We plan to make every birthday a real family event where birthdays get celebrated individually and together.'

News & Star says the chances of having four birthdays on the same day is 133,225 to 1. But beating those odds also means the family is going to have to celebrate a 21st, an 18th and a 16th birthday party all on the same day. Good luck with that.