Man finds $40,000 in parking lot, returns money to owner

Man Finds $40,000 In Parking Lot, Returns Money To Owner
Man Finds $40,000 In Parking Lot, Returns Money To Owner

This is the kind of story that reminds us there's a lot of good in the world. When an Oregon woman dropped an envelope containing the down payment on a house she was buying, Brian DiCarlo was the man who found it in a parking lot.

'My first thought is that this person, whoever it is, is a wreck, and they are probably losing their mind trying to retrace their steps,' Brian told KPTV.

He was right. Sharon Davis - who hasn't talked to reporters on camera - had gone to get a cup of coffee and didn't realize she had dropped the envelope.

Inside was $2,000 in cash and a cashier's check for $38,000. She was buying a house, and that money was the down payment on that house.

When DiCarlo first saw the envelope, he thought it was trash ... until he looked inside. He called the local sheriff's office immediately, and deputies were able to get the money back to its rightful owner.

As you might expect, DiCarlo says Davis was very emotional when her missing money was returned. He says she called him and thanked him over and over.

'If I lose that much for whatever my dream is, to buy this house, i would just hope that someone would do it for me. I don't do it because I expect all of this. I do it because that was the first thing that came to my mind,' he said.

It's not clear whether DiCarlo got a reward for his honesty, but if you believe in karma, we think he's probably got a lot of good coming to him.