Gisele Bundchen under fire for recent pics with daughter

Gisele Bundchen Under Fire For Recent Photos With Daughter

Some moms are debating just how much of a model mom Bundchen is after pics of her riding an ATV with her 1-year-old daughter surfaced. It's unclear how fast Gisele and Vivian are going, but many are taking issue with the fact that neither of them are wearing helmets.

A representative told ABC News the two were driving very, very slowly on a private beach in Costa Rica.


Backlash is something the 33-year-old Brazilian bombshell is very familiar with. In fact, she's had to defend her baby photos several times before.

She caught heat after posting a photo of her daughter with pierced ears to Instagram last year, and was criticized again when she posted a photo (below) of her nursing while getting pampered by a beauty squad.

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