Woman volunteers at hospital for 50 years

Woman Volunteers at Hospital for 50 Years
Woman Volunteers at Hospital for 50 Years

After half a century of volunteering at Methodist Hospital in Merrillville, Indiana, 83-year-old Margaret Detert has no intention of calling it quits.

Margaret and her dear friend Nora started back in the '60s. Methodist eventually hired Nora to run its volunteer department, while Margaret stuck around free of charge.

Back in 1978, Margaret developed arthritis. She's also had two hips replaced, but you'd never know it. She's only taken some time off for surgery -- and she always came right back in, brace and all.

She used to walk the hospital's halls, but now Margaret sits in the office and answers the phone. She'll keep doing it until she can't anymore. 'She sticks to a job until it's done, and her job isn't done yet,' Nora says wisely.

Margaret can't imagine her life without volunteering ... and neither can anyone else.

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