Teacher donates organ to student

Teacher Donates Kidney To Sick Student
Teacher Donates Kidney To Sick Student

Colorado teacher Jen Sculley proved to be the perfect match for a sick student at a Denver high school. KCNC reports she went far beyond her role as an instructor- and became an organ donor.

The story begins with Sculley's aunt: a woman who she admired and sadly lost to cancer.

A year later, Sculley met a teen with her aunts name who was suffering from kidney disease
'This very clear voice said 'you're gonna give her a kidney,'' Sculley said.

'Through [the student], I get to pass on the memory of my aunt, and that's amazing.'

Sculley is now recovering from the surgery, which took place last Wednesday.

Sculley took the rest of the month off from school to recover from the surgery.

She had a friend post an update to Facebook so everyone would know that both teacher and student are doing well. Following the surgery, the student even walked across the hall to see how her teacher was doing.

According to Facebook, Sculley was able to come home from the hospital Monday, the 13th.