8th grade basketball player makes big shot

8th Grade Basketball Player Who Is Blind Makes Shot
8th Grade Basketball Player Who Is Blind Makes Shot

January 9th was a very special day for a blind eight grader. HLN says the stands erupted when Alek Wolfe scored a basket for his school during their game.

Wolfe has competed in cross country events and manages the boys basketball team along with providing color commentary for the game. He told WFFF that he was shocked when his coach asked him to play.

'I looked at him and said yes,' Wolfe said. 'He told me 'you're going to be in the books, if you score this place is going to go absolutely nuts.' For him to do that for me is a big honor.'

WBZ-TV says it took Wolfe, who attends Saint Albans City School, a few tries before he finally sunk the basket. His teammates and coach had total faith in him the whole time.

Alek told WFFF that he hopes to inbound another play and maybe -- just maybe -- score another basket sometime soon.