The inside story: Doritos' Super Bowl ad finalists

The Inside Story: Doritos' Super Bowl Ad Finalists
The Inside Story: Doritos' Super Bowl Ad Finalists

Doritos' five finalists for this year's 'Crash the Super Bowl' ad contest feature kids, dogs, a time machine and a 'finger cleaner.' This year it was open to entries from outside the US for the first time.

WSJ's Juhi Desai takes a look at what went into making the amateur commercials.

'Breakroom Ostrich' cost $800 and took eight hours of filming in an office. 'Cowboy Kid,' on the other hand, cost a cool $5,000 and was filmed over a weekend.

'Time Machine' features Ryan Thomas Andersen's son and dog, which really kept the cost down. It only set him back $300 ... but neighbors thought he was pretty nuts when he was done.

'Office Thief' cost $1,500 and was filmed over six hours. Apparently it was pretty difficult to get the 'cheese makeup' just right.

Last but not least we've got the 'Finger Cleaner,' the only finalist from outside the US. It cost about $6,000 to create and took over 18 hours. That scene with the 'finger cleaner' took about 10 very awkward takes.

The two winning entries will be aired during the Super Bowl, and the entry with the most online vote wins first place and $1 million.

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