Sierra Sims reveals she faked her 2008 kidnapping

Auburn Basketball Player Sierra Sims Faked Her 2008 Kidnapping
Auburn Basketball Player Sierra Sims Faked Her 2008 Kidnapping

Sierra Sims revealed that she faked her own kidnapping in back in 2008 to escape Auburn college's grueling training schedule.

In a video featured on I Am Second, Sims admitted to the scheme. She said even though she got a full-ride to play basketball, she didn't want it because her heart was set on music.

'I kind of made a lot of bad decisions at Auburn,' she says. 'I didn't want to disappoint my parents, so I thought 'what better way than to say that I was kidnapped'? I felt like an idiot.'

Sims also revealed she had issues with her self-confidence and started drinking heavily and smoking weed when she went to college.

Sims called 911 to fake her own kidnapping, and immediately a search involving the local police, FBI and state troopers began. When she was brought into the police station 24 hours later, she made up a story. She told the police that a man and a woman had snatched her, but she was really hiding out near a Walmart, drinking for 18 hours straight.

Cops immediately knew the story was a hoax, and threatened her with a federal criminal charge. She wasn't charged for any crime, and she is now in counseling and pursuing music.