Romantic proposal at ... Whole Foods

Whole Foods Marriage Proposal
Whole Foods Marriage Proposal

A Whole Foods market probably isn't what you imagine when you think about romance, but for a couple that met in aisle two, it was the perfect place to get engaged.

A Florida man named Vladimir Romannikov first saw Monica Dehombre when she was reading labels on kombucha tea. She was so focused on her task that she didn't notice the guy staring at her.

'He was following me around the whole store and we got to cash register two and he was like, 'So you shop all organic, huh?'' Dehombre recalls with a smile. 'It worked!,' Romannikov laughed.

It was a pretty unusual first meeting (and potentially the healthiest pick-up line ever), but it led to a very happy relationship. A year later, Romannikov decided to propose in the same market where they first met.

The whole staff was in on the plan, which included rose petals and some champagne.

Now, Dehombre's advice is pretty simple: 'Shop at Whole Foods to find love!'