Most 'ridiculous' business card goes viral

Most Ridiculous Business Card We've Ever Seen
Most Ridiculous Business Card We've Ever Seen

One of the most ridiculous business cards ever has surfaced, and now it's gone totally viral.

Chin Guangbiao is one of China's richest men. He's worth an estimated $700 million ... and according to his business card, he's pretty special.

Among his talents listed on the card are: Most Influential Person in China, China's Moral Leader and Earthquake Hero. The card goes on to claim that he's China's Foremost Environmental Preservation Demotion Expert. What a title!

His website also shows an image of what looks like him rescuing a person. Overall, there are 11 different 'talents' listed on his card.

Many people are reportedly offended by the card, and Quartz says it serves as a reminder why they don't trust philanthropists.

If his name sounds familiar, it's because he was recently in the news for wanting to buy the New York Times.