The most stressful and least stressful jobs of 2014


In a new report released by, a website for job seekers, stress levels in the work place may have a lot to do with where you work.

The 11 factors they consider for each of the careers reviewed were:

  1. Travel (the more travel, the higher the stress)

  2. Growth potential (dead-end jobs tend to create more stress)

  3. Deadlines

  4. Working in the public eye

  5. Competitiveness within the organization

  6. Physical demands

  7. Environmental conditions

  8. Own life at risk

  9. Hazards encountered

  10. Meeting the public

  11. Life of another is at risk

The report shows that service jobs like military personnel, firefighters, and airline pilots all have higher stress levels caused from their jobs, while occupations like librarian and audiologists have lower stress levels.