Oregon Couple Tries to Tip Waitress With Crystal Meth

Couple Busted For Tipping Waitress With Meth
Couple Busted For Tipping Waitress With Meth

After eating dinner together at a local restaurant in Oregon Thursday, a couple decided to leave their waitress a rather unusual tip.

"A beach trip to the north coast sends one couple to jail after police say they left their waitress meth for her tip!"

Yes, it wasn't a $100 bill or a nice note or more than 20%. It was meth.

Police busted 40-year-old Ryan Benson and 37-year-old Erica Manley at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse Thursday night after they reportedly enjoyed dinner and drinks.

According KGW-TV, the couple paid their bill with a gift card, but apparently wanted to leave a little something extra for their waitress in an envelope marked with a question mark.

When the waitress opened it and found crystal meth inside, she wasn't too appreciative and immediately called 911.

The Twisted Fish's manager told The Oregonian, "She was like 'Whoa -- what the ...?' We're not a little dive bar or hole in the wall. We're a classy place."

When officers arrived at the steakhouse, they confirmed the substance in the envelope was, in fact, meth and placed both Benson and Manley under arrest.

And when officers later searched the couple's car and motel room, they found - you guessed it - even more meth and items used to make the drug as well.

Benson and Manley were booked on possession of methamphetamine and manufacture of methamphetamine. They are currently behind bars awaiting arraignment.