'Superdad' catches hockey puck while holding infant

'Superdad' Catches Hockey Puck Holding Infant
'Superdad' Catches Hockey Puck Holding Infant

'Fox & Friends' dubbed a man 'Superdad' after he caught a hockey puck with one hand while holding his sleeping baby with the other. The best part? The baby didn't even wake up. Guess the tot wasn't impressed.

The game was between the Norfolk Admirals and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. After making the wild catch, the dad sat down and handed the puck to his other child.

A man claiming to be the father in the video responded on Twitter, jokingly saying he wanted to keep a tight hold on his son so that he wouldn't make ESPN's highlight reel.

Turns out his epic catch wasn't just a stroke of luck. 'Yes, I was a former goalie in CHI,' he admitted.