'Antiques Roadshow': $100,000 item appraiser had never seen before

'Antiques Roadshow': $100,000 Book Appraiser Had Never Seen Before
'Antiques Roadshow': $100,000 Book Appraiser Had Never Seen Before

'Antiques Roadshow' headed to Boise, Idaho, where the show found something one of its appraisers had never seen before: a first-edition Book of Mormon.

What makes the book so extra special? It has never left the family line, and has been passed down for generation to generation since 1830.

'It's really quite remarkable,' the appraiser explained, 'because in my almost four decades in the rare book business, this is the oldest copy in the sense of being under continuous ownership that I have ever come across before.'

The book, dubbed the 'gem' of the season premiere episode, was appraised at $75,000 retail. However, given the family heirloom status, the appraiser suggested it should be insured for a whopping $100,000.

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