Reporter passes out in snow on live TV

Reporter Passes Out In Snow On Live TV
Reporter Passes Out In Snow On Live TV

While reporting on cross-country skiing in Salt Lake City, KUTV reporter Brooke Graham passed out cold.

Though it was a frightening moment, Graham rebounded like a real pro. The moment she came to, she started to ask questions and joked that she had just taken a fall on the slippery snow.

Graham told 'CBS This Morning' that she didn't really know what happened, and was trying to figure out why she was on the ground.

'I am known to faint any time I am in high altitudes and get too cold,' she said in a blog post. 'I could feel myself getting light headed and tried to warn the producer that I was sick. After I went down I sat up and had no idea how long I had been out but saw the camera pointed at my face and decided to keep talking.'

KUTV-TV posted the video on their YouTube page saying, 'Reporter Brooke Graham works six days a week and is one of our hardest workers. She is doing fine following this instance and has given us permission to post the video on her behalf.'

'TODAY' says it took her just nine seconds to recover.