Priceless reaction when fan finds out he's going To Cotton Bowl

Priceless Reaction When Fan Finds Out He's Going To Cotton Bowl

A Mizzou fan was at the center of an elaborate and exciting prank on Christmas.

'Fox & Friends' says a family arranged for the fan's grandpa to pretend that he opened two tickets to the Sugar Bowl. He acts completely surprised and very excited. However, it turns out the tickets were actually for the Cotton Bowl, where the Missouri Tigers will take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys. When he hands the tickets to his son (the man in green), he goes completely wild as he realizes that he's been had ... in the best way possible.

One of the man's children set the whole prank up. The idea was to surprise him because Mizzou is his favorite team. Judging from the man's screaming, the prank went over well.

The two tickets cost at least $280, but the mega-fan's reaction was priceless. His family even arranged for the Tiger's fan to take time off work for the game.

The January 3rd game is sold out, but we know this delighted guy will be there in all his glory.
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