Family shocked by what they found in headphones box

Family Shocked by What They Found in Headphones Box
Family Shocked by What They Found in Headphones Box

On Christmas morning, 14-year-old Carmen Lopez saved her biggest present for last.

She was really hoping to get a pair of 'Beats by Dre' headphones, and was delighted when she saw the box. After opening it, though, things changed.

When she opened the box, she found ... four cans of tuna. She was disappointed, and her dad (who ordered the headphones from Wal-Mart on Black Friday) was angry.

'I was upset," Lopez told Q13FOX. 'My daughter was crying ... had tears in her eyes.' Lopez said the family doesn't even eat tuna because his youngest daughter is allergic.

Wal-Mart said they wouldn't replace the headphones, but would issue a refund instead. Since the headphones aren't on sale anymore, a refund for the current price isn't enough for the family to buy a new pair.

Luckily, an executive with the headphones company was in town visiting her family.

While watching the news, she saw the unfortunate fiasco. Since she has some of the company's newest headphones with her, she plans to donate a pair to Carmen.