Jared Leto scoops up a Golden Globe nom for Dallas Buyers Club

You may not recognize Jared Leto in this year's acclaimed Dallas Buyers Club- in the film, the actor and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman plays Rayon, an HIV-positive, transgender woman with brown wavy locks, a bright pink lip and a brush of pink blush. The role of Rayon is the first the actor has taken in nearly six years, and he has gained wide recognition from critics and now from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who nominated Leto for a Golden Globe.

Set in the '80s, Dallas Buyers Club is the story of a careless Texas cowboy, Ron Woodroof (played by Matthew McConaughey), who learns he has HIV and just 30 days to live. Woodroof quickly discovers the lack of approved medications for AIDS in this country. Rather than give into the disease, he heads to Mexico to seek out alternative drugs and begins to smuggle them back into the States.

An unlikely pairing, the once homophobic Woodroof befriends Leto's Rayon and the two go into business together, forming a "buyers club" where people with HIV pay dues for Woodroof's unapproved medications.

Just days after his nomination, we sat down with Leto to talk about what it was like getting dressed for the role, Rayon's relationship with Woodroof in the film and what is next for the actor.