Man uses sign to try and find a wife

Florida Man Puts Sign On Car 'Looking For Wife'
Florida Man Puts Sign On Car 'Looking For Wife'

Why date online when you can look for love from the comfort of your luxury car? Alexander Gorbunov did just that.

'Good Morning America' reports that he has placed handwritten ads on his BMW and Hummer that say 'Looking for a Wife.' Then, he listed his phone number. So far, Gorbunov has already set up his uncle on a date thanks to calls from those signs. He says about 80 percent of the calls he gets are ladies really looking for love, but he's on the lookout for gold diggers too.

If a woman's 'first question [is] about [the] car, where you live -- OK. Thank you, bye bye,' Alex says.

According to the Miami Herald, he's had grandmothers call on behalf of their granddaughters, and even had an 85-year-old call on behalf of herself.

Alex owns a car repair shop, is 38 years old and lives in Hollywood, Florida ... if you're interested.