Gated Florida community bans children from playing in street

Gated Florida Community Bans Children From Playing In Street
Gated Florida Community Bans Children From Playing In Street

It's not uncommon to drive through a neighborhood and come across children playing in the street, but that won't be happening anymore in one Florida neighborhood.

According to 'Fox & Friends,' the town's motto is 'Live. Work. Play.' Thanks to a new ban on kids playing in the street, that saying may need to be tweaked.

The association says that since there is only one road through the community -- which many drivers speed on -- the rule is necessary to keep everyone safe.

Still, many parents aren't happy about the decision. 'It's just getting to the point where I don't know where they want the kids to play,' one woman said. 'Inside on an Xbox I guess.'

Other residents told WFLA that while children may no longer be able to play in the street, it's not like they don't have other options.

'There's plenty of grass around here, plenty of backyards -- long, extended backyards because there's no fences between them,' another resident explained. 'Why would you chance somebody getting hit by a car when playing in the street?'

The homeowner's association has still not decided what the penalty will be for disregarding the new bylaw.