SantaCon incident all young people should know about

This Saturday night, a few friends and I went to grab a bite at my favorite Manhattan diner.

We had forgotten that SantaCon was happening that day, but were reminded by the gaggles of curiously-dressed 20-somethings trudging past the restaurant window, all looking slightly defeated.

Our conversation moved on until one female diner, just finishing her meal, approached us.

'I don't mean to interrupt, but I just wanted to applaud you for being the only young people I've seen tonight not dressed in Santa costumes,' she said.

We laughed and reinforced that she could always count on us to dress in regular clothes while bar-crawling. Kidding. Kind of.

She laughed, but clarified that that wasn't what she meant.

'People don't realize it, but this is very confusing for children. Not only can they not understand what Santa's helpers are doing out in public, but it's also unclear to them why they keep falling.'

She had us. We were so busy poking fun at people, that we hadn't even thought of the kids. The kids! And we're guessing this year's crop of SantaCons didn't either.