Mother discovers missing son actually died in Lockerbie

Mother Discovers Missing Son Actually Died In Lockerbie
Carol King-Eckersley, 65, gave up her newborn son in 1967 when she was 19 years old and unmarried. Her husband's death earlier this year prompted her to start searching for that long-lost son.

Unfortunately, her search ended with a tragic discovery. She was led to a website honoring 35 Syracuse University students. One face stood out: that of Kenneth Bissett.

He looked just like her father, so she checked his birthday and made the connection. But then she realized the website was a memorial site.

'I said, 'My God. It's him.' But I said, 'Why are they only showing a part of his life? That's not right.' It was right. And I just said, 'My God. My baby's dead.''

It turns out Bissett was one of the victims of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. He had been flying home after spending a term in London.

Bissett was 21 when he died. King-Eckersley, who lives in Oregon, said it had always been her hope that one day the son she gave away would show up at her door.
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