Bank robbing family speaks out on 'GMA'

'GMA': Bank Robbing Family Speaks Out
'GMA': Bank Robbing Family Speaks Out

'Good Morning America' highlighted a seemingly normal family that led an unbelievable double life as serial bank robbers. Ronald Catt (who goes by Scott) and his children Hayden, 20, and Abby,18, went from the suburbs of Oregon to living in prison.

When Scott's wife lost her battle with breast cancer, the family was plunged into a state of hopeless despair. As money got tight, Scott turned to alcohol. Then, he reportedly got Hayden and Abby into the 'family business' of bank robbing.

Looking back on it, Abby and Hayden can't believe they got caught up in the illegal scheme. 'In some way, I was led on, like, 'this is how I protect them,'' Abby says. When asked about father's shocking decision, Abby defends him, comparing him to Walter White from 'Breaking Bad.'

'Walter thought he was breaking the law for the good of his family, that he'd never be caught. But something bad, something evil starts setting in, and it changes who you are,' she explains.

Police eventually caught up with the family, and they are now suspected of pulling off several bank robberies while disguised as blue-collar workers in Texas and their home state of Oregon.