Pokémon X and Y: No Sleep for The Poke-Master

By this point, most players have finished their Pokémon journey. They've traveled across Kalos, beat the Elite Four, and even saved the world. However, there's still much more to Pokémon X and Y. For those who have beaten the game, the best is yet to come...

Looker first appeared in
Platinum, and he's easily one of the best NPCs in the Pokémon universe. He's not just some guy who spouts entertaining comments about shorts or his Rattata. He feels like a full-fledged character who could easily carry his own game. Looker is in fine form here, wearing the persona of a hard-boiled detective like a glove. He makes the player an offer few could refuse, and a new adventure begins.

So good even Looker is givin' it a thumbs up!

Check out the walkthrough video, you'll see what we're getting at. Catch up on the full article at Gamezone.com

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