FYI: What Happened in Hollywood This Week

It's almost Halloween, but if you missed out on all the Hollywood news this week, we have everything you need to know to look informed at all your holiday festivities.


Jenna Jameson's interview made us all cringe. The former adult film star went on "Good Day New York" to promote her new erotic novel, and instead became the subject of this week's biggest viral video. As soon as the interview started, Jameson began slurring her words and speaking in nonsensical sentences, so much so that the studio decided to cut the segment short. Watch the painful video and see for yourself.

Farrah Fawcett had a secret affair for 11 years. Despite the fact that she and Ryan O'Neal were allegedly together when she passed away, new reports surfaced that Fawcett was simultaneously seeing an old college boyfriend right up until her death. The boyfriend in question, Greg Lott, even released letters from Fawcett to prove just how in love they were. In one letter from Dec. 8, 2008, the star wrote, 'I miss you so much and sometimes the loneliness makes me cry.' Lott claims O'Neal kept him from the "love of [his] life" in her last days.

Robert Downey Jr. is the most valuable movie star. released its annual list of most valuable stars this week, and the 'Iron Man' actor topped the list for the second year in a row. Using statistical data such as box office hauls, overall likeability, Oscar wins and mentions in magazines, Vulture concluded that Downey Jr. is unbeatable in Hollywood. "The Hunger Games" star, Jennifer Lawrence, came out in third place after her very busy year.

"Law & Order: SVU" tackled Anthony Weiner. We haven't forgotten about Weinergate, and it appears neither has Hollywood. This week "Law & Order" borrowed the story line, focusing this time on fictional "Alex Munoz," a mayoral candidate with a tendency to sext women he meets online. The one difference, however, was that the "SVU" writers made the case even sketchier, as Munoz ends up texting a 15-year-old girl rather than an adult woman.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" gets a new Christian. Charlie Hunnam was originally slated to star in the erotic-book-turned-movie, but after he dropped out, the producers found Jamie Dornan to step into the S & M role. Dornan's credits are slim (The actor is best known for a role in the 2006 film "Marie Antoinette."), but after "Fifty Shades" comes out in August 2014, we can guarantee he'll be a household name.

Did we miss any big Hollywood stories this week? What story did you enjoy most?